Radiology Masters Learn faster

Welcome to Radiology Masters

A new type of online radiology tutorial

Why another radiology tutorial site?

We might be late to the party with online radiology tutorials, there are tons out there. But what we are offering is a little different.

Watching a 45-minute long video might help some of you learn, but we find that bite sized video tutorials each 5-minutes long on specialist topics hits the sweet spot for more people. We are trying to replicate that unique and personalised experience you get when a good boss takes you aside and imparts a short burst of knowledge and wisdom. That might be during a mock viva exam session or it might be during a normal day in the radiology reporting room. What we do know is that right now this experience has not been recreated online!

Is it really free?

Yes, for now we just want to build up a library of great content and get it out there. We want to see how people use this resource and from that we can adapt and improve the site. In the future we have plans for some premium content mostly aimed to help you pass your boards and FRCR radiology exams.

Who is behind Radiology Masters?

The idea was developed by Dr John Curtis and Dr Daniel Fascia and soon after Dr Radhika Prasad joined the team.